Magic Formula

New and best flavors with our master mixology method

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Expert Mixologist

We teamed scientists with flavor experts from the food and beverage industries to develop our e-liquid flavors.

Food Grade

Our E-Liquid flavors are specifically made to be smoked, they are a step beyond “food grade.”

Top-Rated Glycerin

Glycerin can be produced from any number of agents, but ours is sourced strictly from Soybean and only the highest quality producers.

Best Canadian made E-liquid

Magic Lamp e-liquid is made by hand in extremely small batches in Canada, with handwritten batch numbers included on every bottle. It’s stocked at a variety of high-end, boutique vape shops and has earned a strong reputation among the vaping community.





In 2015, the Public Health England released a report stating that e-cigarettes are estimated to be 95% less harmful than smoking,


Nicotine-containing ECs were more effective than placebo ECs and also significantly more effective than nicotine patches in helping people achieve 50% or greater reduction in smoking


A 2014 randomized controlled trial found that after eight weeks, 34% of those who used e-cigarettes had quit smoking.














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